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Crystal Therapy

Crystals are placed on & around the body to match your energetic frequency


It's a treatment that uses crystals to balance & heal your body. It works in a holistic way, which means in all areas, ie physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Crystal Therapy focuses on the chakras, the 7 main energy centres of our body, & uses crystals to bring them back into balance to help us feel well. Crystals are also used to release & boost energy in different areas of the body to release energetic blockages.

As crystals form naturally in the earth, they vibrate at different frequencies depending on how they were formed. The aim of the treatment is to match the vibrations from the crystals to your body to bring about balance, healing & wellbeing.

Crystal therapy can help to:

  • Balance the chakras

  • Bring about deep relaxation

  • Improve sleep & mental health

  • Reduce fatigue, stress & anxiety

  • Improve quality of life & wellbeing

  • Reduce pain & illness

  • Release negative energies & blockages

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