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Card Readings

Get clarity & guidance about how your future may unfold

The aim of a card reading is to give a snapshot of your life at the moment & to offer helpful & gentle guidance as to what may be the best path for you to follow in the future. The readings won't predict your future as everybody has free will and can decide the change their life path at any time.

What the card reading can do is help you to decide if you want your life to continue on it's current path or if there's an area of your life that you'd like to change. Usually when you come for a reading you'll have a specific question that you'd like guidance on such as "should I change career", "will I find love" or "am I on the right path for my soul purpose".

The guidance is offered by interpreting the cards you select from the deck.

A card reading can help to:

  • Give a snapshot of your current life

  • Offer guidance & clarity

  • Help you to decide how your life may unfold

  • Bring comfort & peace

  • Help to move forward if you feel stuck

  • Help you to see choices available to you

  • Help you feel in control of your destiny

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