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Chakra Balancing Workshop

Join us for an empowering journey into the realm of chakras and discover how to harmonize your energy centres leaving you feeling better than ever!

In this workshop designed for absolute beginners, you'll delve into the fascinating world of chakras and learn practical techniques to balance them on your own. Led by Karen Blackburn, an experienced and qualified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Adult Education Teacher with over a decade of experience.

What You'll Learn:

🔮 Understanding the Chakras: Explore what each chakra represents and its significance in your overall well-being.


🔍 Identifying Your Energy Centres: Learn how to pinpoint the location of each chakra within your body.


⚖️ Balancing Techniques: Discover what happens when your chakras are out of alignment and explore effective methods to restore balance using crystals or your own intuition.

This workshop is filled with hands-on exercises and empowering guidance.

Leave feeling empowered and equipped with the knowledge to embark on your own chakra-balancing journey!

Crystal chakra balancing kits are available to purchase on the day.

Convenient fully accessible venue with free parking right outside. Refreshments provided.

Venue: Harrowbarrow & Metherell Village Hall, School Road, Harrowbarrow, Cornwall PL17 8BQ

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