Energy healing

When our energy flows correctly we feel well, happy and in control. Blockages to energy flow can leave us feeling ill and depressed.

Energy healing has many forms including Reiki, Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing.

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Winter Wellness

Self-care is important all year round but especially in winter. My 3-month programme offers a variety of treatments to keep you in tip-top shape with a little "me time" treat to look forward to each month.

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Complementary Therapies & Card Readings in Calstock or Harrowbarrow, Cornwall

I work from Calstock Therapy Hub, 3B Commercial Road, Calstock, Cornwall PL18 9QT
or Harrowbarrow Treatment Cabin.

Hi, I'm Karen

I’m a fully qualified Reiki Master-Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Certified Angel Card Reader. I have a teaching qualification that enables me to also offer Reiki training.

I look forward to meeting you for either a treatment or reading (or both!) Get in touch if you have any questions.

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A beautiful poem written for me by a lovely client and shared with their permission.

In the quiet space where energies align,

Reiki whispers, a healing touch divine.

Through channels unseen, a river’s flow,

Karen’s gift, a balm for the soul to know.

From fingertips to depths within,

The dance of healing where light begins.

A symphony of balance, mind, body, and spirit,

In the embrace of Reiki, we find merit.

Karen’s hands, conduits of grace,

A journey of wellness, a sacred space.

A gratitude blooms from the depths within,

For the healing touch, where peace does begin.

Mind, a tranquil lake, reflections clear,

Body, a temple, released from fear.

Spirit soars, unburdened, light as air,

In the afterglow of Karen’s tender care.

Whispers of energy, a silent song,

A dance of healing, where we belong.

Gratitude expressed, like petals unfurl,

For Karen’s touch, a transformed world.

In the quietude where gratitude swells,

Reiki’s magic in the heart dwells.

A harmony restored, a symphony so bright,

In the thankfulness for Karen’s healing light.


Reiki (ray-key) means universal life energy in Japanese. It’s a very gentle way of harnessing the energy that is all around us and focusing it to heal in a holistic way. When energy flows uninterrupted, we have balance and harmony and feel well. The Reiki treatment aims to unblock and even out the flow of energy for optimum health and wellbeing.

Heal with Crystal Therapy

This therapy uses crystals to balance and heal the body in a holistic way, which means in all areas, ie physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It focuses on the chakras, the 7 main energy centres of the body, and uses crystals to bring them back into balance to help you to feel well. Crystals are also used to release and boost energy in different areas of the body to release energetic blockages.

Get clarity & guidance with a card reading

The aim of a card reading is to give a snapshot of your life at the moment and to offer helpful and gentle guidance as to what may be best path for you to follow in the future. The readings won’t predict your future but can help you to decide if you want your life to continue on it’s current path or if there’s an area of your life that you’d like to change. Usually when you come for a reading you’ll have a specific question that you’d like guidance on such as “should I change career”, “will I find love” or “am I on the right path for my soul purpose”. The guidance is offered by interpreting the cards you select from the deck.

Get back into alignment with Chakra Balancing

This treatment focuses on the chakras, the 7 main energy centres of our body. When the energy flows freely, we feel well and in balance but illness and the stresses of everyday life can make them become blocked or sluggish. A combination of both Reiki and Crystal Therapy are used to bring the chakras back to alignment. It works in a holistic way, which means in all areas, ie physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Think of it as a quick tune-up when you don’t have time for a full Reiki or Crystal Therapy treatment.

  • Reiki

    Experience deep peace, relaxation & healing with a Reiki healing treatments to bring overall well-being.

  • Crystal Therapy

    Feel the soothing & healing energy flowing as natural crystals are placed on & around you.

    Crystal Therapy 
  • Card Readings

    Receive guidance from the Angels about which path may be the best for you to follow to live your best life.

    Card Readings 
  • Reiki Training

    Learn how to use Reiki for self-healing treatments and how to offer treatments to friends & family.

    Reiki Training 
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