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A pack of 20 fabulously scented incense sticks from the Stamford brand in a range of Aromatherapy fragrances. 

Energising incense is a combination of Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit notes.  Use Energising incense to recharge your senses ready for another day.

Meditation incense is a combination of Vanilla, Sandalwood & Camomile notes.  Use Meditation incense during yoga, meditation and prayer or just to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Refreshing incense is a combination of Mint, Sage & Clove notes.  Use Refreshing incense to revitalize yourself & refresh your home.

Relaxing incense is a combination of Cardamom, Cedar Wood & Patchouli notes.  Use Relaxing incense to create a calm & restful atmosphere.

Stress Relief
Stress Relief incense is a combination of Lavender, Orange Blossom & Thyme notes.  Use Stress Relief incense to relieve the stresses & pressures of daily life.

Sensuality incense is a combination of Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg & Patchouli notes.  Use Sensuality incense as a tool to create a romantic & sexual atmosphere in your home.

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Size: 24 cm approx
Weight: 40 grams approx (including box)


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