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    Reiki Level 1 Beginner Foundation Training in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall

    PriceFrom £50.00
    • Reiki Level 1 Training - Foundation Level


      Are you ready to tap into the powerful world of Reiki? Join us for an empowering journey aimed at equipping you with the tools to need to unlock your own healing potential and offer Reiki treatments to your friends and family.


      In this two-day experience, from 9.15 to 4.45 both days, you'll dive into the heart of Reiki energy, learning how to harness its transformative power for self-healing and sharing it with loved ones. While this course doesn't certify you to work with paying clients, it's your gateway to a profound understanding of Reiki's magic. Once you have your level 1 certificate, you can choose to  move on to the level 2 training and become a Reiki practitioner.


      No prior experience is required, this is a foundation level course, suitable for absolute beginners.  All you need is an open mind and a curiosity to explore the realms of energy healing. It would be beneficial to have received a Reiki treatment before starting the training and I can offer treatments at reduced rates for learners attending this course!


      Throughout the course, you'll:


      • Uncover the essence of Reiki and learn the 5 Reiki principles
      • Trace the fascinating history of its discovery and your own lineage to the founder, Dr Mikao Usui
      • Explore the wonders of chakras, learning to locate and balance them
      • Master the art of harnessing energy
      • Discover hand positions for self-healing and offering healing to others
      • Receive the Reiki Level 1 attunement
      • Unlock the power of the first Reiki symbol
      • Have access to a comprehensive training manual to support your journey every step of the way
      • Receive life-long support for the whole of your Reiki journey


      You'll need to complete 21 days self-healing before receiving your certificate.


      Led by Karen Blackburn, a seasoned Reiki Master Teacher and Adult Educator with a decade of experience, this transformative experience blends ancient wisdom with modern teaching methodologies, ensuring you not only learn but thrive on your Reiki journey. Are you ready to embark on a path of healing and enlightenment? Join us and let your Reiki journey begin!


      Choose the best option for you, either pay £50 non-refundable deposit followed by a further £175 no later than 14 days before the training date, or pay in full straight away to receive a £26 bonus deduction.


      Convenient fully accessible venue with free parking right outside. Refreshments provided.


      Venue: Harrowbarrow & Metherell Village Hall, School Road, Harrowbarrow, Cornwall PL17 8BQ or Harrowbarrow Treatment Cabin, Ballymoss, Harrowbarrow, Cornwall PL17 8JN depending on number of attendees.

    • Cancellation and Refund Policy
      72 hours advance notice is required when cancelling Reiki training.  If you give less than 72 hours notice. no refund will be given. If you've already paid in full and given more than  72 hours notice,  you can transfer to another training date. No refund will be given.

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