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Angelic Reiki

Allow the power of Angelic Beings & Ascended Masters to take your healing to the next level

Angelic Reiki differs from traditional Usui Reiki in that the practitioner is used as a channel to connect you to the power of the angels, ascended masters and other beings to facilitate healing. It can enable deep healing on a soul level

You'll usually sit upright in a chair but can lie on a couch if you prefer. I'll place my hands on your shoulders and connect to my healing team who will channel their healing energy through me. My hands won't move from your shoulders during the entire treament.


The actual treatment takes between 10 to 25 minutes but you'll need a full hour for the treatment as I'll feedback my findings from your session as well as discussing how you felt during the healing. 

Angelic Reiki can also take place in other dimensions without limitation and can access past life healing (not regression). As the treatment is shorter than a traditional Reiki session, it can feel more powerful for some and just the same for others.

Angelic Reiki can help with:

  • Emotional, mental & physical balance

  • Releasing stress, tension & anxiety

  • Relieving pain & quickening healing

  • Releasing anger & energetic blockages

  • Improving confidence & sleep

  • Keeping calm & reducing fatigue

  • Bringing improvement to all areas of life

  • Overcoming depression

  • Improving overall well-being

  • Generational and multi dimension healing

  • Getting to the root cause of any issues to heal & balance

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